Reasons for Robert Roode WWE Absence


Reasons for Robert Roode WWE Absence
Reasons for Robert Roode WWE Absence

Robert Roode, a WWE favorite wrestler, hasn't been in the ring in almost a year. Even though he wasn't given a lot of push in the principal program before he left, his fans have been enthusiastically sitting tight for his return.

Sadly, his absence has been caused by a severe injury that has cast doubt on his wrestling future. Roode's wrestling inheritance is noteworthy, especially in TNA, where he burned through most of his vocation. He won two World Championships and eight Tag Team Championships during his time in the promotion, five of which he shared with James Storm in the well-known Beer Money, Inc.

duo. In 2016, Roode took a chance and joined the WWE at 40. He did well in NXT, where his "Glorious" gimmick, which included his famous entrance music and robe, made him the brand's face. Even the NXT Championship was his to win.

However, his move to the main roster could have gone better than planned, and he lost much of his charisma. He wasn't treated like the megastar he was in NXT, even though he won a few tag team titles and a decent run at the United States Championship.

His last significant storyline included working with Dolph Ziggler on the primary program and NXT. He took part in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in April 2022 but vanished from the ring after a live event match in June.

Robert Roode Injury and Recovery

The severe neck injury that necessitated neck fusion surgery was the reason for Roode's absence. Due to the brutal nature of their work, wrestlers frequently require surgery. Notwithstanding, it is one of the most painful medical procedures a grappler can go through without peril.

Among the wrestlers who have undergone this procedure and returned to the ring months later are Edge, Steve Austin, and Tommaso Ciampa. Because Roode is now 46 years old, his injury is more complicated. He won't be able to wrestle again for several months, if at all, and the recovery process will be complex.

Despite the severity of his injury, he may be wise to retire from the ring, despite the hopes of many fans. Despite this, Roode's fans are confident he can continue disproving people for the next two decades. With Triple H now in charge of creative, it would be interesting to see what Roode could do in WWE.

In any case, the main thing is his well-being, and his fans will uphold him regardless of his choice regarding his wrestling future. We hope to see him back in the ring soon and wish him a speedy recovery.

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