Xavier Woods Recalls Ending Reigns' Streak, Seeks Rematch


Xavier Woods Recalls Ending Reigns' Streak, Seeks Rematch
Xavier Woods Recalls Ending Reigns' Streak, Seeks Rematch

A prominent member of The New Day, Xavier Woods, believes he deserves to wrestle WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns again. The two last squared off in November 2021, when the Usos intervened and attacked Woods, severely battering him.

This resulted in a no-contest decision in the match. At first, authorities pronounced the match a preclusion win for Woods, yet it was ultimately modified to a no-challenge. Despite this, Reigns did not win the match.

Woods Recounts Past Achievements

In an interview with WhatCulture, Woods, a former King of the Ring, expressed his desire for a second chance to take on the champion, vividly recalling this encounter with Reigns.

On his way to becoming the King of the Ring, he talked about his impressive accomplishments, such as defeating Ricochet, a former Intercontinental Champion, Jinder Mahal, a former Heavyweight Champion, and Finn Balor, the first-ever Universal Champion.

Additionally, in singles matches, Woods has defeated each of the Usos. Woods believes his victory over Roman Reigns, which ended his two-year winning streak, has been unfairly overlooked. While Woods' victory has been largely ignored, Seth Rollins, who also accomplished this feat, has received widespread recognition.

He expressed his confusion and anger over the apparent disregard for his accomplishments and inquired why they aren't discussed more widely. Woods remains enthusiastic and driven as he approaches his 20th year in professional wrestling.

He believes he deserves another shot at Roman Reigns, the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion because he has been "killing it" in the business. Woods is eager to demonstrate his skills and capabilities to the WWE Universe. He has an established track record of success and an unwavering determination to make a name for himself.

Woods' desire for a rematch with Reigns demonstrates his dedication to the sport and determination to establish himself as a leading WWE contender. As he keeps chasing after this rematch, fans will enthusiastically expect the possible conflict between these two wrestling forces to be reckoned with.

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