Chad Gable Excited About WWE-Endeavor Merger

Wrestler Chad Gable anticipates growth from WWE-Endeavor deal.

by Atia Mukhtar
Chad Gable Excited About WWE-Endeavor Merger

Chad Gable has expressed enthusiasm about WWE's recent partnership with Endeavor, anticipating numerous opportunities for the company's expansion. The former multi-time tag champion delved into the subject during a recent interview with Ryan Satin, where he shared his thoughts on the merger's potential benefits for WWE.

Some highlights from Gable's conversation are presented below. Regarding early discussions about the deal, Gable admitted that he had heard rumors about the company potentially being sold but wasn't sure which to believe. He confessed that this partnership hadn't crossed his mind, but it made a lot of sense upon its announcement.

Gable sees the merger leading to some incredible possibilities for WWE. He mentioned the term "combat sports entertainment" being thrown around about the partnership, which he found intriguing since he hadn't considered or heard about it before.

He believes this concept could open many doors and present many opportunities for the company, ultimately making it an exciting, wild ride.

Endeavor Boosts WWE Potential

The Endeavor partnership brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to WWE, potentially transforming the wrestling industry.

As a global entertainment powerhouse, Endeavor has the resources and network to help WWE reach new heights in audience reach, content creation, and talent development. Moreover, the merger could lead to unique collaborations and crossover opportunities with other organizations under Endeavor's umbrella, such as the UFC, further expanding WWE's brand recognition and fanbase.

This could also pave the way for WWE wrestlers like Gable to explore different avenues within the entertainment industry, including acting or hosting gigs, endorsements, and sponsorships. While some critics argue that the partnership might dilute WWE's focus on wrestling, Gable remains optimistic about the future, believing that the merger will only enhance the company's growth and success, with the wrestling world eagerly awaiting the changes that the WWE-Endeavor partnership will bring, fans and wrestlers alike share Gable's excitement for the thrilling possibilities on the horizon.

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