Former WWE Star Firmly Denies Daughter Assault Allegations


Former WWE Star Firmly Denies Daughter Assault Allegations
Former WWE Star Firmly Denies Daughter Assault Allegations

Former WWE and AEW personality Vickie Guerrero and her husband Kris Benson have released a statement denying the s*xual assault allegations made by her daughter Sherilyn Guerrero. Sherilyn had accused Benson of s*xually assaulting her on a cruise in 2020 and stated that Vickie had cut ties with her after she revealed the allegations to them.

Vickie had reportedly made an Instagram post last week which she later deleted, where she described her relationship with her daughter as hostile and accused her of manic behavior. She also accused Sherilyn of being drunk on the cruise and appeared to threaten her by stating that she had her pile of mud from her daughter.

Denial of S*xual Assault Allegations.

However, this week's statement was more measured, with Vickie and Kris Benson vehemently denying the allegations. They acknowledged the seriousness of the accusations and the need to support survivors of s*xual assault but asked the public to withhold judgment until the matter had been heard in a court of law.

Vickie Guerrero has had a long career in professional wrestling, having worked with both the WWE and AEW Wrestling. She first appeared with the WWE in 2005, quickly becoming known for her catchphrase "Excuse me!" and her managerial skills.

Guerrero worked with the company until 2014, after which she moved on to other ventures in the wrestling world, including her recent tenure with AEW Wrestling. The allegations made by Sherilyn Guerrero are severe and should be investigated thoroughly.

It is important to remember that s*xual assault survivors need support and understanding and that it takes courage to come forward with such accusations. However, it is also important to wait for the legal process to play out and for all the facts to be presented before concluding.

It is unclear at this time what the next steps will be in this case, but it is essential for all parties involved to receive a fair hearing and for justice to be served. We hope the truth will be revealed and all those affected by this situation will find healing and closure.

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