Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn's Partnership Clicked Instantly


Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn's Partnership Clicked Instantly
Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn's Partnership Clicked Instantly

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, the newly crowned NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, are ushering in a new era for the women's tag team division on the developmental brand. The duo defeated Fallon Henley and Kiana James at Stand & Deliver earlier this month to claim the gold.

They successfully defended it against the former champions on the April 11th edition of "WWE NXT."

Chemistry key to Fyre and Dawn's success

In a recent interview with WrestleZone, Fyre explained what made her and Dawn the ideal teammates: "We've been through a lot together.

We've been through it together in NXT UK or over here. Since being put together, I feel like everything's just really clicked. Everything's working. We're laughing and having fun while doing this, so I would like to keep going and see how far we can go with this." Dawn, who began her run on NXT in November 2022 by feuding with Fyre, echoed her teammate's sentiments.

"I feel like because we have come through a lot of wrestling together, we've known each other for years, we've done NXT UK together. We're both two foreigners in America together. We have very similar paths, and we've got very similar minds and similar upbringings.

So I feel like everything's very aligned." The chemistry between Fyre and Dawn is undeniable, and it's evident in their matches. Their in-ring partnership has been a breath of fresh air for the NXT women's tag team division, which has struggled to find footing since its inception.

But with the dynamic duo at the helm, the division is in good hands. Fyre and Dawn's success has been noticed, and the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions have been turning heads in and out of the ring. Fans have been singing their praises on social media, with many hailing them as the future of the NXT women's division.

As for Fyre and Dawn, they're taking everything in stride, enjoying their success, and looking forward to what's next. "We're having so much fun doing this, and we just want to keep going and see how far we can take this," Fyre said.

Overall, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn's chemistry and in-ring ability have made them a formidable duo in the NXT women's tag team division. With their sights set on the future, it's safe to say that the sky's the limit for these two talented wrestlers.