Kurt Angle thinks it's crazy that WWE and UFC are merging after the Endeavor deal


Kurt Angle thinks it's crazy that WWE and UFC are merging after the Endeavor deal
Kurt Angle thinks it's crazy that WWE and UFC are merging after the Endeavor deal

Following Endeavor's acquisition of WWE, former WWE wrestler, and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle recently expressed his shock and disbelief at the possibility of a merger between WWE and UFC. Angle discussed the past and how the two businesses were once viewed as rivals in the most recent episode of his podcast.

"It's insane. Currently, one group owns both businesses. Angle commented, pondering the potential merger, "It's ridiculous." It is absurd that you were not permitted to experiment with the UFC while wrestling. You were not allowed to experiment with WWE while you were a member of the UFC.

They wouldn't let you in because Dana White didn't want anyone in the UFC under contract with WWE.

Angle sees potential benefits.

Angle's remarks highlight the contentious relationship between WWE and UFC, regarded as competing brands then.

However, due to Endeavor's purchase of WWE, the two businesses may now collaborate and promote each other's events. Regardless of his underlying shock, Point sees expected advantages to the consolidation. " They can, however, assist one another.

They could help each other out. He said, "It might be good." According to Angle's remarks, the merger might provide WWE and UFC with brand-new opportunities, such as cross-promotion and the possibility of crossover events. The expected consolidation of WWE and UFC has been a subject of much conversation lately in the games media outlet.

Combining two of the industry's most prominent brands could significantly affect sports entertainment's future. Many have viewed Endeavor's purchase of WWE as a strategic move to broaden the company's reach and diversify its revenue streams.

WWE has a large and massive following worldwide in North America, Europe, and Asia. On the other hand, the UFC has a reputation for being one of the most exciting and unpredictable sports in the world, and its dedicated fan base watches every fight live.

WWE and UFC merging could usher in a new era of sports entertainment by bringing these huge audiences together. The merger could change the game for both businesses, despite many unknowns and potential obstacles.

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