WWE Star Eyes Hollywood Leap


WWE Star Eyes Hollywood Leap
WWE Star Eyes Hollywood Leap

It is said that Cody Rhodes, a well-known WWE Superstar, is thinking about moving to Hollywood soon. Rhodes has been unstoppable since his sensational comeback at WrestleMania 38 last year. As one of the most famous stars in WWE, he has been engaged in various prominent matches.

Fightful Select suggests that Cody Rhodes might be on his way to Hollywood. Rhodes is said to have met with people to talk about possible roles in movies and television while he was in Los Angeles for WrestleMania 39. The role of Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat movie, which The Miz has also been pursuing, and the upcoming Zelda movie were among the projects mentioned.

Rhodes' Prior Hollywood Endeavors

This wouldn't be Rhodes' most memorable Hollywood experience. The "American Nightmare" has made guest appearances on Go Big Show, Rhodes To The Top, and WAGS Atlanta, as well as seven episodes of Arrow and one episode of Warehouse 13.

Rhodes' ascent in WWE has been downright fleeting since his return. Despite being out for months with a torn pectoral muscle, he made a stunning comeback to win the men's Royal Rumble match. The following year, Rhodes headlined WrestleMania 39 in one of the most anticipated main events ever.

However, on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Outlaws, EC3 recently commented that Rhodes' WWE rise felt artificial. You said that the fight was short. It could have been built better. Cody's rise seemed fabricated. However, when you watch that match and the crowd, you can see how intensely The Bloodline has been.

Individuals promptly become stars working with them, making new stars inside this cycle. Therefore, Cody's desire to win is legitimate. Consequently, it is the best choice they could have made," EC3 stated. It remains to be seen how Rhodes will strike a balance between his WWE commitments and potential Hollywood opportunities with his wrestling career at an all-time high.

The superstar's big screen debut will undoubtedly excite fans, and with his charisma and talent, Rhodes has a good chance of becoming a significant player in the entertainment industry.

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