Triple H Takes Over WWE Creative, Vince McMahon Announces via Email


Triple H Takes Over WWE Creative, Vince McMahon Announces via Email
Triple H Takes Over WWE Creative, Vince McMahon Announces via Email

WWE President Nick Khan recently clarified rumors that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was involved in creative decisions. Khan revealed in an interview with LightShed Live that McMahon informed the entire organization via email that Triple H would be the sole Chief Creative Officer and that McMahon would no longer be involved in creative decisions.

However, given their long-standing relationship, Khan did mention that Triple H always has McMahon's advice at their disposal. After a board of directors investigation revealed that McMahon had paid millions of dollars to multiple women to cover up allegations of s*xual harassment and infidelity, McMahon resigned as WWE Chairman, CEO, and head of creative last summer.

Triple H took over as head of creative after he retired. With an improved product, he took WWE to new heights and consistently broke ticket sales and revenue records.

McMahon Oversees WWE-UFC Merger

In January, McMahon took over as chairman of WWE to oversee a possible sale.

Last week, Try Gathering Possessions bought 51% of WWE, combining it with UFC to frame a solitary organization. The deal declaration concurred with Crude in Los Angeles, held the night after WrestleMania 39. The episode's lack of surprises and disjointed scheduling received widespread criticism.'s Mike Johnson announced that McMahon was behind the stage during the show, immovably in the driver's seat again and modifying portions of the content mid-show. Although McMahon has reportedly reviewed scripts remotely for subsequent episodes of Raw and SmackDown, this development alarmed many WWE fans.

WWE continues to emphasize that Triple H remains in control, even though McMahon's involvement in creative decisions is a source of uncertainty. WWE fans hope the company will continue its upward trajectory in terms of quality programming and overall success with Triple H in charge.

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