Former WWE Star Thinks Jon Moxley May Leave AEW One Day

Moxley's future in AEW questioned by ex-WWE star.

by Atia Mukhtar
Former WWE Star Thinks Jon Moxley May Leave AEW One Day

A former WWE Superstar recently shared his thoughts on Jon Moxley's future in AEW, suggesting that the wrestler might consider leaving the company someday. The Blackpool Combat Club member, known for his candid remarks, had previously gone on a tirade about backstage events in AEW, mentioning that he had never witnessed so much drama in one location.

This appeared to reference the notorious Brawl Out incident and CM Punk's subsequent Instagram post earlier this year. During an appearance on the Wrestling Outlaws podcast, former WWE star EC3 shared his insights on the possible motivations behind Moxley's outburst.

He explained that Moxley's financial stability might be a significant factor: '"When you are financially secure, and you don't need it... I think the fact that he has had great runs and deals in both companies means he's not a money guy.

He's probably well-saved, pleased, and content... Even if taking that risk [Moxley's AEW comments] resulted in losing it all, he'd be like, 'hm, whatever. I can go back to WWE, or I'll make a fortune doing indies.' " EC3 continued, suggesting that Moxley's independence allows him to be more candid: "Having that freedom, I think, lets him shoot straight.

He did it while under the company's banner because now was the time to do it. Maybe he wants to instill change, light a fire under the people in charge, or he wants out, or he doesn't care and is open, honest, and willing to speak his mind, which I respect..."

Cornette Criticizes Moxley's Style

Jon Moxley has also faced criticism from other WWE veterans, with Jim Cornette recently weighing in.

On his Drive Thru podcast, Cornette slammed Moxley for his violent in-ring style and claimed the BCC leader's spots looked fake. He compared Moxley's approach to that of past wrestlers, arguing that today's presentation is "so ridiculous" that it's difficult to take seriously.

As speculation continues, only time will tell if Moxley's outspokenness leads to his eventual departure from AEW or if it results in the changes he seeks within the company.

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