Dalton Castle Discusses Almost Leaving ROH for WWE in 2021

Dalton Castle's journey: choosing happiness over money.

by Noman Rasool
Dalton Castle Discusses Almost Leaving ROH for WWE in 2021

Former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle recently opened up about his experience in 2021 when Ring of Honor (ROH) was in a precarious position due to the pandemic. Castle faced a tough decision when his contract expired, and WWE came calling with an offer that nearly doubled his salary.

In an interview with WrestleJoy, Castle detailed his thoughts during this tumultuous period and the eventual decision to stay with ROH. Castle shared his disappointment in ROH's lack of effort to retain him after the WWE offer was made.

He felt hurt that ROH wasn't willing to match or even negotiate the financial terms, especially after he had spent seven years with the company and had become one of its top stars. The situation was further complicated because ROH recorded multiple finishes for a match if Castle decided not to re-sign.

Despite his loyalty, Castle was told they wouldn't "reward someone who's not going to re-sign." Emotionally crushed, Castle went around the arena saying his goodbyes to friends and colleagues, even sharing a tearful moment with fellow wrestler Matt Taven.

It seemed like the end of an era for Castle and ROH. As the time to join WWE approached, Castle had a change of heart. He found himself lying awake at night, contemplating his future and the stories he had heard from friends in WWE.

Castle's Turning Point

In a moment of self-reflection, Castle realized that he was content with his life and didn't need the fame or money that WWE would bring. He valued his happiness and freedom in ROH more than anything else.

After discussing his concerns with his wife, Castle decided not to join WWE and remained with ROH. He described the decision as a weight lifted off his shoulders and felt he had won, despite giving up a higher salary. Interestingly, Castle saw the situation as a twist of fate.

He had gone from being rejected by WWE in the past to leaving them in favor of staying with the company that had allowed him to grow and prosper. His decision to prioritize his happiness and freedom over financial gain serves as a reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

Ultimately, Dalton Castle's candid interview offers an insightful glimpse into professional wrestlers' struggles and choices. Balancing personal happiness, professional ambitions, and financial security is challenging. Still, Castle's experience demonstrates that staying true to one's values can sometimes lead to the most rewarding outcome.

Dalton Castle