George Barrios Excited about FOX Debut

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George Barrios Excited about FOX Debut

The WWE recently held their Q1 earnings call. The WWE reported loses and they did better last year. According to Vince McMahon, the WWE didn’t do well this year because most of the famous WWE superstars did not compete often.

This is true! Most famous WWE superstars were either injured or are simply not that active anymore. The WWE also didn’t do well through live events and that was one of the biggest causes of the losses. Even though the WWE lost during the first quarter, they are still quite excited about the future.

According to George Barrios, the co-president of WWE, the WWE will be making big changes to its Smackdown product once it debuts on FOX. Barrios stated that the WWE is very excited about moving to FOX and has big plans for Smackdown.

This is what Barrios said: "As Vince mentioned, we remain excited about the debut of SmackDown live on Fox on October 4. The debut will mark the first time WWE will be available live 52 weeks a year on a 120 million homes on a premier broadcast platform.

Finally, as we said before, in addition to absolute performance, we believe relative performance is critically important as it illuminates the value of WWE within the PayTV ecosystem. In Q1, when excluding NASCAR's premier event the Daytona 500, WWE delivered greater average viewership then any professional sports league, other than the NFL."