Solo Sikoa Pledges Allegiance to Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown


Solo Sikoa Pledges Allegiance to Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown
Solo Sikoa Pledges Allegiance to Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown

The Bloodline, led by Roman Reigns, has established a powerful presence in WWE, attracting numerous rivals due to their relentless pursuit of dominance. Among their most prominent adversaries are Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Cody Rhodes, who have all faced the wrath of The Bloodline in various confrontations.

Matt Riddle, a talented competitor eager to challenge Reigns' faction, is the most recent addition to this ever-growing list of foes. As tensions continue to rise, Riddle finds himself entangled in an intense rivalry with The Bloodline, seeking to settle the score and prove his worth within the WWE landscape.

This ongoing conflict has captivated fans and added another layer of excitement to the already action-packed world of professional wrestling. On Friday Night SmackDown, Riddle faced off against Solo Sikoa in an intense one-on-one showdown.

This was Riddle's opportunity to exact revenge for the vicious attack he suffered at the hands of Sikoa, an incident that had sidelined him from WWE for several months. However, Sikoa triumphed over Riddle once more, thanks partly to interference from The Usos.

Sikoa Declares "Problem Solved"

Before their match, Paul Heyman had instructed Sikoa to eliminate the "Riddle problem." Sikoa took to Twitter after defeating Riddle, proclaiming, "Problem solved." WWE on FOX echoed this sentiment, sharing Sikoa's tweet and adding "The Riddle Problem ✅," which was subsequently retweeted by Sikoa himself.

Despite his victory, Sikoa and The Usos continued brutalizing Riddle after the match. WWE support staff, alongside Owens and Zayn, had to intervene to save The Original Bro. With Riddle now seemingly aligned with Owens and Zayn, rumors have begun circulating about a potential six-man tag team match.

This battle would pit Riddle, Owens, and Zayn against The Bloodline's Sikoa, Jey Uso, and Jimmy Uso, possibly taking place at WWE Backlash 2023. Adding fuel to the fire, Heyman made a significant announcement on Friday: Owens and Zayn would be defending their Undisputed WWE Tag Team titles against The Usos in just two weeks.

With tensions running high and loyalties being tested, the coming weeks will be packed with drama and action as these WWE Superstars vie for dominance in the ring.

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