WWE Raw Star Suffers Shoulder Injury


WWE Raw Star Suffers Shoulder Injury
WWE Raw Star Suffers Shoulder Injury

Raw superstar Johnny Gargano is grappling with a shoulder injury, hoping physical therapy will aid his recovery. The damage came to light during the WrestleMania 39 weekend in Los Angeles, where the WWE NXT brand hosted the Stand & Deliver Premium Live Event on Saturday, April 1, just hours before WrestleMania Saturday.

One of the key matches at Stand & Deliver featured the brash Australian wrestler Grayson Waller going head-to-head with NXT legend Johnny Gargano in an Unsanctioned Match. This marked Gargano's return to NXT following his departure in December 2021 after his WWE contract expired.

Although Gargano had a stint on the Raw brand, he returned to Stand & Deliver to settle the score with his adversary Waller. Using his Gargano Escape submission maneuver, Gargano emerged victorious from their nearly 20-minute battle.

Gargano's Injury Worsens

Unfortunately, Gargano re-aggravated a pre-existing shoulder injury during the event, as reported by Fightful Select. This same injury had sidelined him in January, before his in-ring comeback at the Royal Rumble match.

According to Fightful, Gargano participated in about a dozen matches following March 4. However, by the time Stand & Deliver arrived, the injury had severely limited his abilities, leaving only one fully functional arm.

In terms of recovery, both WWE and Gargano are hopeful that physical therapy will suffice, avoiding the need for surgery. A surgical intervention could result in Gargano being off television for six months or more. Contrary to speculation, Vince McMahon's return to WWE did not lead to Gargano's hiatus.

Fightful reports that McMahon expressed his desire for Gargano to remain with WWE after his contract expired in 2021. Apart from Stand & Deliver, Gargano's most recent appearances include participating in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal on Smackdown on March 31 and competing in a Raw match on March 20, where Dominik Mysterio defeated him in a singles bout.