Rey Mysterio Addresses Rumors of Dating Jennifer Aniston


Rey Mysterio Addresses Rumors of Dating Jennifer Aniston
Rey Mysterio Addresses Rumors of Dating Jennifer Aniston

Rey Mysterio, a well-known wrestler and two-time World Heavyweight Champion has finally addressed rumors surrounding his supposed romantic relationship with actress Jennifer Aniston. While speaking with Logan Paul, Mysterio admitted to being a fan of the Friends star but denied having a relationship with her.

The rumors about the two stars began circulating in 1997 after a quote from Mysterio was published in the National Enquirer. The selection alleged that Aniston was a big fan of Mysterio's wrestling and that the two had become good friends, with Aniston even seeing Mysterio without his signature mask.

However, Mysterio denied these claims during his conversation with Logan Paul, calling the quotes "seemingly fabricated."

Mysterio and Aniston's brief encounter

Mysterio did reveal that he and Aniston had met and exchanged phone numbers, but their relationship was short-lived, lasting only about a week.

Mysterio even shared the National Enquirer article with his wife at the time, writing in his autobiography Behind the Mask: "I even showed the story to my wife — best coming from me, no?" While Mysterio's supposed relationship with Aniston was brief, the wrestler had nothing but kind words for the Hollywood actress.

He praised her acting skills and admitted to being a fan of her work. The story of Rey Mysterio and Jennifer Aniston may have been just another tabloid rumor, but it's not uncommon for celebrities to be linked romantically in the media.

What's more important is how Mysterio handled the situation gracefully and with humor, putting the rumors to rest. In the end, it's good to know that there was never any ill will between Mysterio and Aniston. They may have only been friends briefly, but their brief encounter has become a part of pop culture lore.

And while Mysterio may be known for his impressive wrestling skills, it's clear that his fans also appreciate his ability to handle himself with class and dignity.

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