Rising Pro Wrestling Star to Hit Free Agency Soon?


Rising Pro Wrestling Star to Hit Free Agency Soon?
Rising Pro Wrestling Star to Hit Free Agency Soon?

A recent report from Fightful Select reveals that Grace, the rising star in professional wrestling, is on track to become a free agent by March. This information aligns with the original timeline reported when she signed a multi-year contract in 2021.

However, as with many professional wrestling contracts, everything is entirely flexible, particularly when considering potential time extensions due to injuries, pay raises, and other factors. As of now, there is no confirmation on whether Grace has inked a new deal since the report surfaced.

Nonetheless, it is known that Impact Wrestling officials are eager to keep her as part of their roster. Given her popularity and talent, Grace could attract interest from other major wrestling promotions, such as WWE, AEW, and even organizations in Japan.

Grace's Success Beyond Wrestling

At just 27 years old, Grace has already made a name for herself in wrestling and other ventures. She has amassed a fortune outside the wrestling world thanks to her exclusive content paysite.

Moreover, Grace is a professional powerlifter and a fitness/bodybuilding competitor. In March, she expressed her ambition to become the first-ever pro wrestler to participate in The Arnold Classic, a prestigious bodybuilding competition.

Grace made her Impact TV debut in November 2018. It was widely reported that she had signed a contract at the time, but the paperwork was never finalized. As a result, she worked without a warranty for several months. The situation changed in 2019 when AEW was launched, prompting WWE to lock talents into long-term deals.

Grace took this opportunity to approach Impact officials with the information, successfully negotiating a pay raise over the initially agreed terms. Subsequently, after her two-year deal in 2019, she signed the mentioned two-year contract in 2021.

As the professional wrestling world awaits the decision of this rising star, fans, and industry insiders alike are watching closely to see where her talents will take her next. Grace's potential free agency could significantly impact the wrestling landscape, and her move to a different promotion could spark an intense bidding war.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen where Grace will land and how her choice will influence the future of professional wrestling.