Dolph Ziggler Eyes Fight Series with Conor McGregor


Dolph Ziggler Eyes Fight Series with Conor McGregor
Dolph Ziggler Eyes Fight Series with Conor McGregor

Professional wrestler Dolph Ziggler has expressed keen interest in facing off against MMA legend Conor McGregor. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Ziggler discussed the potential for a high-profile showdown between the two, highlighting the possibility of organizing a series of fights and matches culminating at WrestleMania.

Ziggler, also known as "The Show-Off," sees the potential for a best-of-three series to showcase both athletes' skills across various combat disciplines. He envisions the competition beginning in the octagon, transitioning to a boxing match, and finally culminating in a wrestling contest.

The unique combination of events would undoubtedly draw significant attention and create a buzz among fans of both WWE and UFC.

Ziggler Eager for McGregor Showdown

The WWE star's desire to challenge McGregor stems from the latter's history of calling out wrestlers.

With confidence in his ability to hold his own against the former UFC champion, Ziggler believes the potential fights could be a lucrative and entertaining spectacle for fans. Recently, the possibility of such a crossover event has become more likely, as WWE has now merged with Endeavor, the parent company of UFC.

This merger provides an ideal platform for the two organizations to collaborate and create events that cater to fans of both combat sports. While Ziggler acknowledges that not all professional wrestlers can back up their talk in a real fight, he is confident in his ability to go toe-to-toe with McGregor.

The proposed best-of-three series would put both athletes to the test, as they would have to adapt to each other's fighting styles in the octagon, boxing ring, and wrestling ring. A potential showdown between Ziggler and McGregor would be a major draw for fans, combining the drama and excitement of WWE with UFC's raw, competitive nature.

The event also allows both athletes to prove themselves against a worthy opponent in multiple disciplines. The idea of crossover fights between athletes from different combat sports has gained popularity recently, with high-profile examples like Floyd Mayweather's boxing match against Conor McGregor and the exhibition bout between Logan Paul and Mayweather.

These events have demonstrated the public's appetite for unique and entertaining spectacles, combining combat sports and entertainment. While there is no official confirmation of a potential series of fights between Dolph Ziggler and Conor McGregor, the idea has undoubtedly piqued fans' interest.

It could be a significant talking point in the coming months. As the worlds of WWE and UFC continue to intersect, it will be interesting to see if this potential showdown materializes and becomes a reality.

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