Dax Harwood Backs Former WWE Star's Controversial Remarks


Dax Harwood Backs Former WWE Star's Controversial Remarks
Dax Harwood Backs Former WWE Star's Controversial Remarks

Dax Harwood, a prominent professional wrestler, has come forward to defend WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart following controversial comments made by Hart regarding the current state of wrestling in both All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and WWE.

Hart's remarks, which expressed his disappointment and disgust with modern wrestling, have generated significant media buzz and polarized the wrestling community. In a recent interview, Bret Hart criticized modern wrestling, labeling some of its stars "pathetic." He argued that the current wrestling scene had lost the essence of what made it great in the past, with a focus on flashiness and spectacle instead of engaging storytelling and genuine emotion.

Dax Harwood, known for his commitment to traditional wrestling values, has openly supported Hart's comments. Harwood shared his thoughts on his FTR podcast, empathizing with Hart's perspective and believing many others would agree with the wrestling legend.

Dax Harwood Supports Hart's View

Dax Harwood explained, "So I think that there's probably, you know, there's going to be many people that agree with him. I'm one of them. But then many people would think, Oh, he's an older man yelling at the clouds, or, you know, he's lost touch.

Or he's, you know, just like, he hasn't evolved with the time, right?" Harwood clarified Hart's position, stating that The Hitman wasn't implying that fans should believe every aspect of a wrestling match to be accurate.

Instead, he emphasized the importance of captivating storytelling and the ability to suspend disbelief for brief moments throughout the match. "But just like I told you earlier, he's talking about these fans getting lost for one second, or for, you know, a few seconds each moment in the match.

That's what he's talking about believing in the individual and the match. Not believing that every single thing is real, not believing that every flying head scissor is real, or every drop kick is real, to get lost in action, in the match, or in the storytelling.

That's the real part." As the debate over the direction of professional wrestling continues, Dax Harwood's defense of Bret Hart's comments showcases the ongoing divide between those who advocate for a return to traditional values and those who embrace the modern, more theatrical approach to wrestling.

Only time will tell if either side prevails or the industry finds a way to strike a balance that satisfies both perspectives.

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