"Thunder Rosa on Trish Stratus' Heel Turn and WWE Women's Tag Titles"


"Thunder Rosa on Trish Stratus' Heel Turn and WWE Women's Tag Titles"
"Thunder Rosa on Trish Stratus' Heel Turn and WWE Women's Tag Titles"

AEW star Thunder Rosa has been out of action since August due to a back injury, but she hasn't stopped keeping up with the latest events in women's wrestling. As the co-host of SiriusXM's "Busted Open Radio," she recently shared her thoughts on a few current happenings.

Thunder Rosa Praises Trish Stratus' Heel Turn

Firstly, Rosa named Trish Stratus as her wrestler of the week on the radio show. The AEW star commended Stratus for her recent appearance on SmackDown, where she made Liv Morgan look tremendous and pulled off a heel turn that caught the audience's attention.

Rosa also expressed excitement for the upcoming rivalry between Stratus and Becky Lynch, predicting that Stratus would help Lynch become an even more beloved babyface. "Now [Trish Stratus] is going to help [Becky Lynch] become a super-duper babyface," Rosa said on the show.

"If we can see a little bit of what Trish Stratus was when she was a heel and make someone like 'The Man' Becky Lynch even more over, it's money. It's all money." However, Rosa had fewer positive words about the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

The belts were recently held by Lynch and Lita, with Stratus stepping in to defend them. While the former AEW Women's World Champion acknowledged that WWE has some talented tag teams, she feels the company needs to put more effort into developing the division.

"I'm hoping they start doing something with these tag team titles," Rosa said. "And they develop something for these women because they have outstanding tag teams. I don't feel like they take the time to develop this division." Rosa also pointed out that WWE's treatment of the women's tag team championship might have contributed to Sasha Banks leaving the company.

Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, was a former tag team champion with Bayley, but their reign was plagued by inconsistent booking and lackluster feuds. Thunder Rosa had mixed opinions on recent events in women's wrestling.

While she praised Trish Stratus for her recent performance, she hopes that WWE will start giving more attention to its tag team division.

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