Dax Harwood: Cody Rhodes' Adversity Can Be Shown in Video

AEW's Dax Harwood comments on Cody Rhodes' loss.

by Noman Rasool
Dax Harwood: Cody Rhodes' Adversity Can Be Shown in Video

Following Cody Rhodes' loss against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, fans have been divided on how his career should progress. While some have taken a "let it play out" approach, others believe Rhodes needs to face more adversity on the road to the championship.

However, during a recent episode of "FTR with Dax," current AEW World Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood disagreed with this thinking.

Dax Harwood: Cody Rhodes Has Overcome Enough.

Harwood argued that Rhodes had already faced considerable adversity, including tearing his pec in front of thousands of people in the arena and millions more watching on pay-per-view.

"If we only want to keep it storyline driven, just show a one-minute package of his prior WWE career and what he had to overcome there," Harwood said. "Before he left, the man was Stardust. Show how he's overcome and made himself a main event-level star.

And then, have him come out on top. It's okay for the good guy to win sometimes." Harwood compared Rhodes' situation to that of Lex Luger in 1993. Luger was the h*ttest new babyface in the WWE then and had just launched a campaign about going on the Lex Express and slamming Yokozuna.

He won by count out at SummerSlam, and many fans believed that the story would play out and that he would win the championship at WrestleMania 10. However, this approach backfired, and Luger's popularity suffered. Rhodes has since pivoted into a program against Brock Lesnar, with their feud beginning after Lesnar beat down Rhodes on "WWE Raw" after WrestleMania.

While some have seen the beatdown as another adversity for Rhodes' journey, Harwood believes that Rhodes has already faced enough challenges to justify a win against Reigns. The future of Rhodes' career remains to be determined.

Still, Harwood's comments highlight the importance of balancing allowing a story to play out and not letting adversity kill a wrestler's popularity. For now, fans must wait and see how Rhodes' journey unfolds and whether he can overcome the challenges.

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