WWE Draft Date Reason Revealed


WWE Draft Date Reason Revealed
WWE Draft Date Reason Revealed

A recent report has revealed the reasoning behind WWE's decision to schedule their upcoming draft around the same time as the NFL Draft, as they aim to benefit from the NFL's popularity. The announcement came after Triple H's return to TV on Raw after WrestleMania 39, where he acknowledged the hard work of those behind the scenes that contributed to the success of WrestleMania.

The takeover of WWE as part of a deal with Endeavor was also announced on the same day, which made Triple H's appearance all the more reassuring for WWE fans. During SmackDown, Triple H emphasized the importance of looking toward the company's future and announced the return of the WWE Draft.

He claimed that it would be the biggest ever and that every star in the promotion would be eligible to participate.

WWE Draft Coincides with NFL

WRKD Wrestling reported that the WWE Draft is set to take place on May 8th, with Raw emanating from Jacksonville, Florida – the hometown of AEW.

This scheduling decision has sparked speculation about WWE's intentions, as it coincides with the 2023 NFL Draft, which will be held from April 27th to 29th. According to Fightful Select, sources close to the situation have confirmed that the decision to schedule the WWE Draft around the same time as the NFL Draft was "not an accident." WWE aims to capitalize on the interest generated by the NFL Draft and might even consider borrowing more elements from the football world to enhance the appeal of their event.

One such possibility could be the reintroduction of the Raw Bowl, an idea previously explored by WWE. While it is uncertain whether the Raw Bowl will make a comeback, the strategic timing of the WWE Draft demonstrates the company's intention to capture the attention of sports fans worldwide.

By aligning the WWE Draft with the NFL Draft, WWE hopes to maximize viewership and generate excitement around its event. This decision showcases the company's adaptability and strategic thinking as it evolves and grows in an increasingly competitive entertainment landscape.

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