WWE Hall of Famer Faces Financial Ruin After Scam


WWE Hall of Famer Faces Financial Ruin After Scam
WWE Hall of Famer Faces Financial Ruin After Scam

Legendary WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah The Butcher, now 82, finds himself in a precarious financial position as his wife reportedly seeks a divorce after allegedly taking advantage of him. In a recent interview with Click On Detroit, Abdullah The Butcher opened up about his dire financial situation and the possibility of losing everything he has worked for throughout his wrestling career: "I sit in my room many times at 82 years old and say I've worked for nothing.

All of what I had worked for in the wrestling business by acting crazy, beating my head against the wall, doing this, doing that — I might not have anything pretty soon. Many people try to take what you worked all your life for.

In my opinion, I've been ripped off so bad it's unbelievable, and (I'm) still getting ripped off." Abdullah The Butcher's financial troubles date back to a $2.3 million lawsuit he lost in 2014 to fellow wrestler Devon Nicholson.

The lawsuit alleged that Abdullah had infected Nicholson with Hepatitis C after cutting him with a blade during a match. Abdullah lost the suit by default, claiming his illiteracy prevented him from realizing he was being sued.

Divorce Exposes Financial Exploitation

While the interview didn't explicitly mention his current financial struggles, a GoFundMe page set up by Abdullah's goddaughter provides more insight. According to the page, Abdullah owns nothing, not even his house, as it is in his wife's name.

The goddaughter accuses Abdullah's wife and her brother of exploiting him, and now that she is seeking a divorce, Abdullah finds himself in desperate need of financial support. The GoFundMe page aims to raise funds to help Abdullah hire a divorce attorney who can assist him in overcoming this challenging situation.

Fans and supporters of the legendary wrestler have come together to contribute, hoping to alleviate some of the financial burdens and give Abdullah a chance to rebuild his life after decades of dedication to the wrestling world.