Trish Stratus Betrays Becky Lynch, Claims WWE GOAT Status


Trish Stratus Betrays Becky Lynch, Claims WWE GOAT Status
Trish Stratus Betrays Becky Lynch, Claims WWE GOAT Status

In a shocking turn of events, Trish Stratus betrayed Becky Lynch, Lita, and the entire WWE Universe, causing fans to await her explanation on Raw eagerly. As expected, Heel Trish had much to say during her segment, making it essential viewing for anyone invested in WWE's upcoming storylines.

Stratus began with a history lesson, emphasizing her role in transforming women's wrestling in WWE. She claimed she single-handedly brought credibility to the women's division and was the first woman to the Raw main event.

She argued that without her, there would be no women's revolution or women headlining WrestleMania.

Trish Confronts Becky's Claims

Trish then accused Becky Lynch of falsely attributing the women's revolution to the "four horse ladies" and herself.

She expressed frustration that Lynch never thanked her for paving the way for female wrestlers. Stratus also criticized Lita for becoming Becky's sidekick, stating she's nobody's sidekick. The heated segment continued with Stratus admitting to attacking Lita before their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match against Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan.

She wanted it to be clear that she was the one who sabotaged Becky Lynch's chances at the titles. Stratus mocked Lynch's reaction after the betrayal, reiterating that she's not her friend and there will be no "next time." She declared that she wouldn't let Lynch or the WWE Universe rewrite history, stating that she's not a nostalgia act or a childhood fantasy.

Trish Stratus declared herself the greatest of all time and the most crucial figure in WWE history in a bold proclamation. She intends to ensure that no one forgets her contributions to professional wrestling. This intense confrontation has undoubtedly set the stage for a thrilling rivalry between Stratus, Lynch, and the rest of the women's division in the coming weeks.

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