Nia Jax Discloses Who Suggested Her for WWE Royal Rumble

Nia Jax discusses her surprise Royal Rumble appearance.

by Noman Rasool
Nia Jax Discloses Who Suggested Her for WWE Royal Rumble

In an interview with Ring The Belle, former WWE Women's Champion Nia Jax recently discussed her surprise return to WWE during this year's Royal Rumble event. Alongside Tamina, she expressed her thoughts on WWE not bringing back many female wrestlers for the annual event and revealed who pitched the idea for her return.

During the conversation, Nia Jax shared her feelings on WWE's decision not to call back many female performers for the Rumble. Tamina, who was also part of the interview, mentioned her uncertainty about how many more Royal Rumbles she would participate in.

Jax found it strange that the event would have no returning wrestlers, as she believed it could make for an awkward show. Despite her initial reservations, Jax admitted that she missed the thrill of performing in the ring and decided that if WWE were to call her, she would accept the offer.

Jax Reveals Tyson Kidd's Involvement

As it turned out, Jax was one of the unexpected entrants in this year's Royal Rumble, making her entrance at number 30 and receiving a thunderous response from the WWE Universe. She disclosed that Tyson Kidd, a former WWE superstar, and current producer, was the one who suggested her return.

Jax praised Kidd as an exceptional producer and credited him and Fit Finlay for helping shape her career. The interview continued with Jax recounting how she received the call from WWE's office two and a half weeks before the event while she was in California at her mother's house.

Caught off guard, she had no gear and wasn't prepared to be in the ring. After confirming with the office that they wanted her to participate in the Rumble, she immediately contacted her gear and boot providers to expedite the process.

Unfortunately, Jax's surprise appearance was somewhat marred when her entrance music began playing prematurely. However, she harbors no ill feelings toward the individual responsible and even joked that they must have been too excited for her return.

After speaking with the person, they laughed off the incident, and Jax chose to see the bright side of the situation. She quipped that her character doesn't need to wait for a countdown and can enter whenever she's ready. Nia Jax's Royal Rumble appearance marked a brief return to the company, reminding fans of her powerful presence in the women's division.

Despite the minor hiccup with her entrance music, her recovery was well-received by the WWE Universe. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to step back into the ring.

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