Jim Cornette Confused by WWE Star Booking


Jim Cornette Confused by WWE Star Booking
Jim Cornette Confused by WWE Star Booking

When Jim Cornette imparts his insight on something, it's sure to be heard all over the wrestling scene, whether it concerns WWE, AEW, or some other advancement. Cornette, a former manager for professional wrestling, is well-known for his candid opinions on various topics, such as whether CM Punk will return to AEW or whether Bray Wyatt will return to WWE.

Additionally, he is quick to voice his opinion whenever he believes that Superstars are not being utilized to their full potential. In a recent episode of Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, he chose to talk about Lacey Evans, a star of NXT who has needed help getting booked on the main roster consistently.

Given her abilities, he finds the situation perplexing. Evans was praised by Cornette for her size, appearance, and demeanor, in addition to her capacity to play a convincing heel. He expressed confusion regarding WWE's inconsistent booking of Evans, who has been given a variety of identities before returning to the spotlight.

Cornette proceeded to contend that Evans ought to be among the top picks from the WWE female list, just after Charlotte Pizazz and Rhea Ripley. He thinks Evans should be used more often by WWE. However, Evans' history of controversial activities on social media raises the possibility that some of her problems are her fault.

WWE Sale Impact on Booking

Cornette also shared his thoughts on how a possible WWE sale might affect the company's day-to-day booking and discussed individual WWE Superstars. He thought that Vince McMahon's return to WWE would be more about selling the company than fixing its problems with creativity.

With media rights deals and potential suitors to consider, Cornette explained, McMahon's priority would likely be to increase WWE's value. While Cornette acknowledged that McMahon might eventually address creative issues with more time, he emphasized that the WWE Chairman's primary focus would be significant business decisions.

This suggests that the company's priorities and direction shift significantly following the sale of WWE. The perspectives of Jim Cornette on Lacey Evans and the possibility of selling WWE provide insight into the business's difficulties and opportunities.

Evans' inconsistent booking demonstrates WWE's inability to utilize talent effectively, and the company's possible sale suggests a shift in focus toward increasing its value. It will be interesting to see how these issues develop in the future as the wrestling industry evolves.

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