Triple H Banishes Wrestler After WWE Failure Pre-WrestleMania


Triple H Banishes Wrestler After WWE Failure Pre-WrestleMania
Triple H Banishes Wrestler After WWE Failure Pre-WrestleMania

Despite concerns about Triple H's position within WWE after Vince McMahon's return earlier this year, The Game has maintained his role as the creative head for WWE RAW and SmackDown. As with any leadership position, however, challenges arise, and in this case, Triple H had to make a difficult decision.

Managing the creative aspects of WWE RAW and SmackDown can be demanding, with five hours of weekly programming requiring the development of captivating storylines. At times, sacrifices must be made, and Triple H faced such a decision earlier this year.

Bray Wyatt's return to WWE and the subsequent introduction of the mysterious Uncle Howdy character had fans buzzing excitedly. However, after months of anticipation, Wyatt's match against LA Knight in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble event left fans underwhelmed, disappointed, and confused.

Following this debacle, Bray Wyatt slowly faded into the background, and just weeks before WrestleMania, he disappeared amid rumors of health issues. This departure left Bobby Lashley in a precarious position, but another WWE character has also been noticeably absent.

Uncle Howdy has vanished since his disappointing performance at the Royal Rumble. When he first appeared, many fans speculated that Bo Dallas, released in 2021, was portraying the enigmatic character. This theory seemed plausible, considering Triple H's history of rehiring former talent.

However, after Uncle Howdy's character failed to connect with the audience and botched a dive during the Royal Rumble, fans quickly turned against him. The once intriguing character now seemed to elicit only disdain. Consequently, reports of a similar stipulation match at WrestleMania sparked outrage among fans.

Howdy Banished, Wyatt's Return

Triple H has banished the Uncle Howdy character entirely, particularly in light of Bray Wyatt's hiatus. However, when Wyatt eventually returns, there may be new plans for Bo Dallas, assuming he is the man behind Uncle Howdy.

One potential solution would be for Triple H to reintroduce Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas as new characters, eschewing the supernatural angle and instead focusing on their real-life family heritage as the Rotunda Brothers. The wrestling world has a long history of embracing family connections, as evidenced by the popularity of Dominik and Rey Mysterio and The Bloodline.

A shift to a more grounded, family-centric portrayal could revitalize Bray Wyatt's career and allow Bo Dallas to shine alongside his brother. As the menacing head of the Rotunda Family, Wyatt could lead a new faction with his brother Bo by his side, generating excitement and intrigue without resorting to supernatural gimmicks.

Ultimately, this new direction could be the key to saving Bray Wyatt's WWE career and giving him the best run of his life, with the support of his brother and the rich wrestling legacy of the Rotunda Family.

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