Dustin on Cody Rhodes WrestleMania 39 Loss, Appreciates WWE's Approach


Dustin on Cody Rhodes WrestleMania 39 Loss, Appreciates WWE's Approach
Dustin on Cody Rhodes WrestleMania 39 Loss, Appreciates WWE's Approach

Dustin Rhodes recently offered his thoughts on his younger brother, WWE superstar Cody Rhodes, and his performance during the highly anticipated match at WrestleMania 39. Cody Rhodes faced Roman Reigns in a high-stakes battle, culminating in a massive loss that continues reverberating throughout the WWE Universe.

Dustin appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss the match and his brother's future in the wrestling world. The Natural expressed his confidence in Cody's eventual rise to the top, stating that he will one day become the world champion.

Although he doesn't know when that moment will come, Dustin appreciates that WWE forces Cody to earn his place in the spotlight. He believes the journey toward the title will make Cody's eventual victory more significant and impactful.

Dustin's WrestleMania 39 Frustration

Dustin's enthusiasm for his brother's career is evident, as he attended WrestleMania 39 in person to support Cody. Despite being an AEW star, he watched from a box seat, hoping to witness Cody's triumphant win.

However, the match's outcome left him feeling frustrated and disappointed. Like many fans worldwide, he had hoped that WrestleMania 39 would be Cody's time to shine. However, Dustin understands the larger strategy after reflecting on the match and analyzing WWE's decision-making process.

From a business standpoint, he admits that the unexpected loss makes sense in light of how WWE currently positions Brock Lesnar and other key players. While he would have loved to see Cody win the title at WrestleMania, he acknowledges that this result might have been the right call in the long run.

Dustin believes that when Cody finally captures the world championship title, his journey to get there will make the victory even more meaningful. He suggests that the current storyline, including Cody's hard-earned ascent toward the top, could ultimately lead to a more significant and satisfying payoff for Cody and the WWE Universe.

The American Nightmare's loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 may have been a difficult pill for his fans and family, but there is still much in store for Cody Rhodes' future in WWE. As Dustin Rhodes suggests, the trials and tribulations Cody faces now may only make his eventual rise to the top that much sweeter.

With a supportive brother like Dustin in his corner, it's clear that Cody Rhodes will continue to push forward, aiming to one day secure the world championship title and make his mark on the WWE Universe.

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