Goldberg Promotes World Tour, Not Retiring Yet


Goldberg Promotes World Tour, Not Retiring Yet
Goldberg Promotes World Tour, Not Retiring Yet

WWE Hall of Famer and multi-time world champion Goldberg recently appeared on 93.7 The Ticket, discussing his free agency and the future of his illustrious wrestling career. The wrestling legend addressed rumors of a possible jump to AEW and clarified his intentions.

Goldberg ended the rumor mill by explaining the origins of the speculation. He revealed that he had a handshake understanding with Vince McMahon that he would have a proper retirement match after the Roman Reigns match. However, that plan has not come to fruition yet, which has left Goldberg determined to continue his career on his terms.

Goldberg Seeks Proper Career Sendoff

The last time Goldberg competed in the WWE ring was against Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia. He agreed to participate in the match despite having contracted COVID-19 three weeks prior.

Goldberg does not consider this encounter a suitable conclusion to his career, and he is adamant about giving his character a proper sendoff before hanging up his boots. In discussing his plans, Goldberg expressed interest in potentially promoting his world tour.

As a businessman, he believes he has the necessary resources and experience to make it happen. He maintains that until he receives a fitting farewell, he has no intention of retiring from the world of professional wrestling.

Goldberg expanded on his ideas, revealing that he seriously considered self-promoting a four-city world tour. He seems excited about this prospect, inviting fans and the wrestling community to start speculating about his next moves.

The wrestling icon's determination to control his destiny and exit the wrestling world on his terms has generated significant buzz in the industry. Fans are eager to see where Goldberg's career will take him next and whether his proposed world tour will become a reality.

Goldberg's announcement has ignited discussions and speculations among wrestling enthusiasts around the globe. As a WWE Hall of Famer and multi-time world champion, his decision to continue wrestling and potentially promote his world tour highlights his passion for the sport and his dedication to giving fans a fitting conclusion to his legendary career.

While the wrestling world awaits Goldberg's next move, his announcement has undoubtedly stirred excitement and anticipation for what's to come.