Rey Mysterio and Jennifer Aniston: Unmasking the Dating Rumors


Rey Mysterio and Jennifer Aniston: Unmasking the Dating Rumors
Rey Mysterio and Jennifer Aniston: Unmasking the Dating Rumors

WWE star Rey Mysterio has recently been in the news for his enlistment into the WWE Corridor of Distinction Class of 2023. Nonetheless, one more part of his own life has been snatching consideration for a long time. There have long been rumors that Mysterio dated Jennifer Aniston, an actress in Hollywood.

An article in the National Inquirer in 1997 is the source of the rumors. The report stated that Mysterio and Aniston, a star on the popular television series "Friends," exchanged phone numbers at the time. The story also said that Mysterio, who wrestled in WCW briefly without a mask, showed Aniston his face backstage.

Mysterio Reveals Backstage Encounter with Aniston

Mysterio was quoted in the article as saying, "She's been to four of my matches, and we've become good friends." She stated to me that she enjoys wrestling. I generally wear my veil - - Consistently!!

It's a powerful custom in Mexico, my local country. But when I met Jennifer, I defied convention. I let her see me without my veil behind the stage. We exchanged home phone numbers after talking for some time." Mysterio has tended to these bits of gossip on a few events, remembering for his book, 'Behind the Cover.'

"I have no idea what that was about or where it came from," he wrote in the book. Someone may need to get my name out there and begin the talk. In any case, I found it funny. I even told my wife the story—best coming from me, right? The storage space got on me for it." Mysterio, as of late, showed up on Logan Paul's 'Impulsive' digital recording and kidded about the bits of gossip, saying that he dated Aniston "for about seven days." Additionally, he stated that the publication spread the story because there was nothing more to it.

Even though the dating rumors about Jennifer Aniston and Rey Mysterio may or may not be true, it is clear that Mysterio has a good sense of humor about the situation. Ultimately, this is another instance in which personal celebrity lives are the focus of rumors and speculation.

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