WWE Chief Nick Khan Implies Future Deals and Sponsorships Underway

WWE President discusses growth, sales, and sponsorships outlook.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Chief Nick Khan Implies Future Deals and Sponsorships Underway

WWE is currently in a strong position, with numerous sold-out events. The company is poised to generate even more revenue following its sale to Endeavor and subsequent merger with the UFC. However, as the unreleased sequel to "Spaceballs" titled "Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money" suggests, having a significant amount of cash is never enough; more is always better.

This is the mindset of WWE President Nick Khan, who shared his thoughts on the company's future during Tuesday's first day of the CAA World Congress of Sports. Sports Business Journal captured Khan's comments, which provided insight into his perspective on WWE's existing media rights agreements with USA Network for "Raw" and Fox for "SmackDown." Khan highlighted that "Raw" is currently the highest-rated show on USA Network, generating three times more viewership than other shows.

He expressed confidence that the USA would want to maintain this level of success. Regarding Fox, Khan noted that the network is increasingly interested in live content and unscripted television, as evidenced by its recent acquisition of the Big Ten.

He believes these developments bode well for WWE's future partnership with the network.

Khan Eyes Women's Viewership Potential

In addition to discussing media rights deals, Khan also mentioned that women make up 40 percent of WWE's audience.

This significant female viewership allows the company to explore additional sales and sponsorship opportunities. Despite WWE recently securing a record-breaking $20 million in sponsorship revenue from the two-night WrestleMania 39 event, Khan sees room for improvement in this area.

"Our sales and sponsorship numbers should be far bigger than they are," Khan stated.
As WWE continues to expand its brand reach and diversify its audience, the company seems poised for even greater success shortly. With a strategic focus on leveraging its partnerships and capitalizing on sponsorship opportunities, WWE is likely to see continued growth in both revenue and popularity.

Nick Khan's leadership and vision will guide WWE through this next chapter as the company seeks to solidify its position as a global entertainment powerhouse.

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