Liv Morgan Speaks About Beating Trish Stratus


Liv Morgan Speaks About Beating Trish Stratus
Liv Morgan Speaks About Beating Trish Stratus

Liv Morgan is a popular WWE wrestler and she managed to pin legendary WWE star Trish Stratus on the 10th of April. Liv became the first person to pin Trish Stratus in about 16 years. Trish recently made her WWE comeback, after being away from the WWE after a very long time.

"I'll take that accolade, thank you!" Morgan exclaimed. "I've looked up to Trish, we've been on 'The Bump' together. It was an absolute honor, but after [Stratus's heel turn after the match], I'm a little more like [malevolent laughing] about it." Morgan said.

WWE: Liv Morgan Talks About Being the 1st Woman To Pin Trish Stratus in 16 years

Trish turned heel on Becky Lynch after the match. Becky was Trish’s tag team partner that night. Trish appeared on RAW this week to explain her actions.

According to Trish, Becky did not respect Trish enough for building the path that led to the Women’s Revolution. "I hate it for Becky, like my qualm about it is that Becky did not deserve that," Morgan said. "And so I feel for that, but otherwise I feel like this is very typical Trish — to me at least." Morgan revealed that she expected Trish to behave the way she did.

"She loves the attention," Morgan explained. "She loves the spotlight on her. On Monday, she wanted to remind everyone she is not your teen fantasy, she is the greatest of all time. Whether I agree with that? I plead the fifth.

But I think it's typical Trish and I'm not mad at her for it. I just feel for Becky." Trish Stratus was the most popular female wrestler that WWE had. Her feud with Lita and Mickie James pushed the women’s division to the top of the WWE.

Trish won the WWE Women’s title numerous times during her first run with the WWE. During her first run, the women in the WWE were simply used as a showpiece. The WWE started pushing female wrestlers a few year ago. As stated before, female wrestlers were used as showpieces before the Women’s Revolution.

They never received a lot of attention. WWE was mostly dominated by male wrestlers. The men in the WWE contended for the top titles and were considered for main events. Being part of a main event for a woman in the WWE during and before the Attitude Era was just a dream.

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