Prichard Astonished Roode and Storm's WWE Tag Team Chance Never Came

Prichard discusses missed Beer Money WWE opportunity.

by Noman Rasool
Prichard Astonished Roode and Storm's WWE Tag Team Chance Never Came

Bobby Roode and James Storm, known for their successful tag team partnership as Beer Money in promotions like Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, have yet to have the opportunity to showcase their dynamic chemistry in WWE.

Over their eight-year partnership, Beer Money earned a dedicated fan base, but the duo never joined forces within WWE's realm. In a recent episode of the "Something to Wrestle" podcast, Bruce Prichard, the current Executive Director of "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," addressed this topic when co-host Conrad Thompson inquired if he believed that Beer Money could have found success as a tag team in WWE.

Prichard responded affirmatively, saying, "Yeah, they could've. I do. I think they definitely could've." He praised James Storm, calling him an "extremely talented guy" with a "gift to gab." However, Prichard also noted that Storm might have been "afraid of success" or simply content with his position within the wrestling industry, which could have hindered his progression to the next level.

Roode's WWE Singles Success

Despite never having the chance to tag together in WWE, Roode, and Storm, it appears as singles competitors in the company. Roode signed with WWE in 2016 and has since enjoyed a successful run, capturing the "NXT" Championship, United States Championship, and both the "Raw" and "SmackDown" Tag Team Championships.

This impressive resume demonstrates Roode's adaptability and skill as a performer, as a single competitor, and within a tag team. On the other hand, James Storm had a brief stint in WWE, with two matches on October 21, 2015, and December 2, 2015, episodes of "NXT." He competed against Danny Burch and Adam Rose, respectively.

Following his short WWE tenure, Storm returned to IMPACT for two more runs, made appearances in National Wrestling Alliance, and participated in Ohio Valley Wrestling events. In retrospect, it's intriguing to ponder what might have been had Beer Money been allowed to join forces with WWE.

The duo's chemistry and talents could have led to a successful run within the promotion. Fans can only imagine the thrilling matches and storylines that could have resulted from this partnership in the WWE universe. For now, Bobby Roode and James Storm continue to build their legacies as singles competitors, while their time as Beer Money remains an integral part of their wrestling history.

As the landscape of professional wrestling continues to evolve, one cannot help but wonder if a future reunion is still possible, whether in WWE or another promotion.

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