JD Drake on AEW Arrival After WWE Deemed Him Unfit

JD Drake Triumphs in AEW Despite WWE Rejection.

by Noman Rasool
JD Drake on AEW Arrival After WWE Deemed Him Unfit

Professional wrestler JD Drake recently opened up about his journey to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after being deemed unfit to compete by WWE. He discussed this trying time during an appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast.

Drake's story serves as an inspiring example of determination and perseverance in the face of adversity. The talented wrestler was offered a tryout with WWE around the time the COVID-19 outbreak began in 2020. However, after medical testing, WWE informed him that he was not fit to compete due to knee issues.

Drake recounted the difficult period: "When the pandemic happened, we thought it was done. And then we got a phone call about a tryout elsewhere. But that was also when they went through and done their medical [testing], they said I wasn't fit to compete, that I had too many issues with my knees, and this, that, and the other [thing]."

Drake's Perseverance Leads to AEW Success

Despite this significant setback, Drake refused to give up on his dreams.

He showed unwavering determination in adversity, telling WWE, "Hold my beer and watch." Drake's persistence ultimately paid off, and he found a new home in AEW, where he has been consistently featured on their weekly Youtube series Dark: Elevation and Dark.

AEW, founded by Tony Khan, has gained significant attention in professional wrestling since its inception in 2019. The company has signed numerous high-profile talents, providing a platform for performers like Drake to showcase their skills and passion for the sport.

His success in AEW has not only allowed him to continue his wrestling career but also provided an opportunity to inspire others facing similar challenges. By sharing his story, Drake reminds us that setbacks and rejections can often lead to new beginnings and opportunities if we persevere.