Kevin Nash Urges WWE: Let Roman Reigns Hit 1,000-Day Universal Champion Milestone

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Kevin Nash Urges WWE: Let Roman Reigns Hit 1,000-Day Universal Champion Milestone
Kevin Nash Urges WWE: Let Roman Reigns Hit 1,000-Day Universal Champion Milestone

Following an astounding victory at WrestleMania 39, Roman Reigns is on the cusp of achieving a remarkable milestone – a 1,000-day reign as the Universal Champion. With just under 40 days remaining to reach this significant benchmark, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash weighed in on the importance of this feat during a recent "Kliq This" Q&A session.

Drawing parallels between Reigns' impending achievement and baseball icon Cal Ripken's record of 2,632 consecutive games played, Nash stated, "That close to 1,000 you have to… There are certain milestones, and now he's close to 1,000."

Roman Reigns' Success Boosts WWE

Nash emphasized that the success of Reigns as the top wrestler directly impacts WWE's prosperity.

He said, "You're only going to be as successful as your f***ing top guy, and Roman's the top guy right now… Roman has the cool factor. Roman's your money guy." He reflected on WWE's past reluctance to commit to a top champion, which he feels was one of the reasons behind the company's struggles in the 1990s.

Nash commented, "If I would've beaten Bret [Hart] out of the shoot, I think absolutely Diesel has a much better fin run, but the fact that they wouldn't commit and put the fin eggs in the basket… I think it hurt me, and they weren't ready to make that commitment." Nash further opined that having Cody Rhodes dethrone Reigns at 999 days would not create a memorable title reign.

He suggested that if "The Tribal Chief" manages to hold the belt for 1,003 days, it would enable him to boast about having the title for over a thousand days – a feat that would likely take WWE a long time to replicate.

In conclusion, Kevin Nash believes that allowing Roman Reigns to reach the 1,000-day milestone as Universal Champion is essential for both the wrestler's legacy and the WWE's success. As Reigns edges closer to this historic landmark, the wrestling world watches with bated breath, anticipating a moment that could redefine championship reigns for years to come.

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