Konnan Optimistic About AEW at Wembley, Highlights Ratings Challenge


Konnan Optimistic About AEW at Wembley, Highlights Ratings Challenge
Konnan Optimistic About AEW at Wembley, Highlights Ratings Challenge

AEW is gearing up to make a bold statement by hosting its All In the event at the iconic 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium on August 27. While some experts question the decision, citing an overestimation of AEW's popularity, others commend Tony Khan and his team for their ambition.

Chris Jericho, among others, sees this move as a "big league statement," as AEW opted for Wembley over smaller venues like Craven Cottage and O2 Arena. Legendary wrestler and promoter Konnan shared his thoughts during his "Keepin' It 100" podcast.

He highlighted British wrestling fans' passion and tendency to show up in droves, drawing from his experiences with WCW, Impact, and the World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) events in the UK. "You can always expect good crowds to turn up and buy merchandise.

They are good fans, you know?" Konnan remarked.

Konnan Highlights Ratings Issue

While Konnan acknowledged the potential success of AEW's event in the UK, he agreed with co-host Disco Inferno that the company's more pressing issue is its dwindling television ratings in the United States.

"I think they have a bigger problem, attracting new audiences," Konnan said. Disco pointed out that AEW's loyal fanbase consistently fills arenas and contributes to healthy pay-per-view buy rates. However, he shares Konnan's concern that the company needs to work on retaining first-time viewers and casual fans' interest.

AEW requires a star like CM Punk to participate in All In, which could be crucial in surpassing expectations for ticket sales. AEW's decision to hold their All-In event at Wembley Stadium is undoubtedly a bold move that has generated significant buzz in the wrestling world.

Though challenges with television ratings and audience growth remain, the company's ambition and the passion of British fans might be the perfect combination to make this event a resounding success. Only time will tell if AEW can fill Wembley Stadium and make history.

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