Ricochet Reacts to Braun Strowman's Comical Botch on SmackDown

Ricochet playfully comments on Strowman's in-ring mishap.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ricochet Reacts to Braun Strowman's Comical Botch on SmackDown

Ricochet had reason to celebrate after achieving victory over the Viking Raiders on WWE SmackDown alongside his tag team partner, Braun Strowman. Following their win, Ricochet took the opportunity to discuss the match with Megan Morant in an exclusive digital segment.

He expressed satisfaction with their performance and acknowledged that he and Strowman had become targets, which meant they were headed in the right direction. Ricochet was optimistic about their chances at the tag team titles and reiterated their determination, regardless of the outcome at Backlash.

However, there were other times Ricochet would address the match against the Viking Raiders. During the match, there was a memorable botched spot where Strowman lifted Ricochet and threw him towards... well, nobody in particular.

It was an amusing moment that didn't go unnoticed. Instead of ignoring the botched move, Ricochet addressed it on Twitter. He playfully joked about the incident, tweeting, "Y'all know he just is throwing me." This lighthearted response shows that even though they are professional athletes, WWE superstars can still laugh at themselves and make the best of unexpected situations.

Bond Between Ricochet & Strowman

Ricochet's ability to poke fun at the botch demonstrates the strong bond and chemistry he shares with Strowman, both in and out of the ring.

Their partnership has been steadily growing, and their recent victory over the Viking Raiders is a testament to their teamwork and dedication to their craft. As Ricochet and Strowman continue their pursuit of the tag team titles, fans can look forward to more exciting matches and unforgettable moments, botched or not.

With their positive attitude and determination, the pair is well on their way to becoming a formidable force in professional wrestling. Ricochet's humorous response to the botched spot during their SmackDown match against the Viking Raiders shows that even in the heat of competition, WWE superstars can still have a sense of humor.

As their partnership strengthens and they work towards tag team gold, the duo is proving they have what it takes to succeed in the high-stakes world of professional wrestling

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