Former WWE Star in Car Accident


Former WWE Star in Car Accident
Former WWE Star in Car Accident

Former WWE star John Morrison, also known as Johnny Nitro, was involved in a car accident on April 22. Fortunately, he is unharmed and is expected to wrestle later tonight. With a wrestling career spanning several decades, Morrison has appeared in various major wrestling companies, including WWE, AEW, and the independent circuit.

Morrison first gained fame as the winner of WWE's Tough Enough reality show's third season. Some of his career highlights include a tag team title reign with Joey Mercury as MNM and multiple singles championship victories.

His most recent stint in WWE lasted from 2019 to 2021, ending with a rivalry against his longtime partner, The Miz. Since leaving WWE, Morrison has wrestled as Johnny Elite in AEW and under different names on the independent circuit.

Morrison's Match Despite Accident

Tonight, Morrison is set to compete as Johnny Dreamwave at Dreamwave Wrestling's Anniversary 8 event in LaSalle, Illinois. The organization announced on Twitter that the car accident forced Morrison to change his flight plans, resulting in the cancellation of a meet and greet scheduled before the event.

Instead, he will be signing autographs afterward, for which Dreamwave expressed gratitude for his professionalism. The details of the car accident remain undisclosed.

In the Anniversary 8 event, Morrison will face Christian Rose for the Dreamwave Championship.

Fans can watch the event live on Independent, with the show starting at 6:00 pm CT. Apart from his wrestling career, Morrison has made appearances in movies and television. He served as a stunt performer for the DCEU film Birds of Prey, appeared in the wrestling drama/comedy series GLOW, and lent his voice to a character in the animated show The Guardians of Justice.

Additionally, Morrison is featured in several wrestling games, including WWE 2K22, and is known for his recent boxing victory against YouTuber Harley Morenstein, the host of Epic Meal Time.

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