WWE Veteran, 49-Years-Old, Suspected Mastermind Behind Omos-Seth Rollins Match


WWE Veteran, 49-Years-Old, Suspected Mastermind Behind Omos-Seth Rollins Match
WWE Veteran, 49-Years-Old, Suspected Mastermind Behind Omos-Seth Rollins Match

Next weekend at WWE Backlash, fans can expect an exciting showdown as Seth Rollins faces off against Omos. The match announcement, made last Friday on SmackDown, surprised many, given that the two wrestlers have only had a few encounters on WWE TV.

One significant interaction occurred at Money in the Bank 2022, when Rollins sabotaged Omos's chance at the contract with a Stomp off the apron. Despite sharing a dressing room on RAW, Rollins, and Omos have yet to interact.

However, someone has been working behind the scenes to arrange a match between Omos and an esteemed competitor like Rollins. The most likely candidate is MVP, who manages Omos and has the clout to negotiate with Paul Heyman.

Omos will be eager to recover from his recent WrestleMania loss to Brock Lesnar by demonstrating his ability to compete with WWE's top talent. Rollins, on the other hand, is currently without a storyline. MVP likely approached WWE official Adam Pearce to request a formidable challenge for Omos at Backlash.

With both wrestlers looking to make an impact at the pay-per-view event, Pearce might have suggested Rollins as a suitable opponent.

Omos vs. Rollins: High Stakes

The upcoming match between Seth Rollins and Omos at WWE Backlash promises to be an action-packed event with high stakes for both competitors.

Omos is determined to prove his worth after his WrestleMania defeat, while Rollins is searching for a meaningful storyline to showcase his skills. Fans are eager to see how this unexpected match-up plays out, as both wrestlers have much to gain – or lose – in the ring.

As speculation continues to swirl around the involvement of the WWE veteran MVP in setting up this match, audiences can only wonder what further surprises might be in store at Backlash. With the stage set for an electrifying confrontation between Seth Rollins and Omos, fans will be on the edge of their seats as they await the outcome of this highly anticipated showdown.

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