Zelina Vega vs. Sonya Deville: A New Matchup Announced for SmackDown

The recent release of WWE's annual report has revealed several interesting statistics about the company's financial performance and viewership trends.

by Noman Rasool
Zelina Vega vs. Sonya Deville: A New Matchup Announced for SmackDown

Another matchup on FOX has been reported for the April 28th version of WWE SmackDown. During a meeting with Zelina Vega, Sonya Deville, and Chelsea, Green hindered and communicated their dismay with Vega's title, a unique open door at Kickback.

Accordingly, Vega moved Deville to a match on SmackDown, which was immediately acknowledged. The matchup between Zelina Vega and Sonya Deville on the April 28th version of WWE SmackDown is essential for the continuous storyline encompassing the SmackDown Ladies' Title.

Vega is set to challenge Bianca Belair for the title at Reaction. At the same time, Deville and Chelsea Green intruded on her meeting to communicate their discontent with her having a title chance. This will all pave the way for Belair to shield her title against Bayley at the impending Kickback occasion.

Zelina Vega, who has gotten back to WWE after a short break, has been scaling the positions in the ladies' division and is presently set to challenge for the SmackDown Ladies' Title against Bianca Belair at Kickback. Then again, Sonya Deville has been filling in as a strong figure on SmackDown yet has yet to contend in that frame of mind since 2020.

This makes the impending matchup between Vega and Deville on the April 28th episode of SmackDown all the intriguing, as it adds one more layer to the continuous storyline encompassing the ladies' title. It still needs to be determined what this match will work out and mean for the title picture pushing ahead.

New Matchup on SmackDown

Notwithstanding the Vega versus Deville matchup, the April 28th release of SmackDown will likewise highlight a WWE Undisputed Label Group Title match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and The Usos.

This will be the primary title protection for Owens and Zayn since coming out on top for the titles at WrestleMania 39. Moreover, the show will likewise check the main evening of the WWE Draft, where grapplers from Crude and SmackDown will be chosen to address their brands.

This will probably prompt significant purges in the WWE list and could create new storylines and contentions. As usual, WWE fans can anticipate a lot of energy and show on the impending release of SmackDown. With Vega and Deville set to conflict in the ring and the Label Group Titles on the line, it's sure to be an activity-stuffed evening of wrestling diversion.

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