Naomi Drops 'Trinity Starr' Trademark


Naomi Drops 'Trinity Starr' Trademark
Naomi Drops 'Trinity Starr' Trademark

Professional wrestler Trinity Fatu, known to fans as Naomi, has recently abandoned her "Trinity Starr" trademark, as confirmed by public records. The trademark was initially filed on March 20, 2023, but was left on April 15, 2023.

Naomi, a renowned and talented wrestler, had filed the trademark for the name "Trinity Starr" to use it for projects after her time with WWE. However, abandoning the trademark indicates that she may have changed plans. Since leaving WWE last year, Fatu has been relatively quiet and inactive in the professional wrestling scene.

She appeared at the Supercard of Honor event in Los Angeles, where she was seen sitting in the front row, enjoying the matches. The abandoned trademark covered various entertainment services in the professional wrestling and sports entertainment industry.

These included:

  • Entertainment in the form of wrestling contests
  • Entertainment services, such as wrestling exhibitions and performances by professional wrestlers and entertainers
  • Live appearances by a professional wrestler and sports entertainer
  • Personal appearances by a professional wrestler and sports entertainer
  • Televised appearances by a professional wrestler and sports entertainer
  • Provision of wrestling news and information through a global computer network
  • Online interviews featuring a professional wrestler and sports entertainer, with a focus on the fields of professional wrestling and sports entertainment for entertainment purposes

Naomi's Future Plans Questioned

The decision to abandon the "Trinity Starr" trademark has left fans and industry insiders speculating about Naomi's plans.

Many wonder if she has decided to distance herself from professional wrestling or chosen a different career path. With her impressive wrestling skills and captivating persona, there is no doubt that Trinity Fatu has the potential to achieve great success in various aspects of entertainment.

Fans hope Naomi will eventually return despite her absence from the wrestling scene. She has always been known for her exceptional athleticism, innovative moves, and infectious charisma, and her presence in professional wrestling is undoubtedly missed.

While it is unclear what the future holds for Trinity Fatu, one thing is sure: her fans will eagerly await any news regarding her plans, whether within the wrestling world or in other forms of entertainment.


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