Ex-WWE Announcer Remembers Worst Call at WrestleMania 19


Ex-WWE Announcer Remembers Worst Call at WrestleMania 19
Ex-WWE Announcer Remembers Worst Call at WrestleMania 19

A former WWE ring announcer recently reminisced about the "worst announcement ever" he had to make at WrestleMania 19. WWE ring announcers are crucial in conveying messages to audiences in the arena and watching from home. Their tasks range from introducing wrestlers for a match to delivering specific instructions from their bosses.

Tony Chimel, who worked for WWE for nearly 40 years from 1983 until his release in April 2020, served in various capacities, including as a ring technician and announcer. He gained fame as the primary announcer on Smackdown from its inception in 1999 until 2007.

Chimel became well-known for his distinct voice crack when announcing WWE Hall of Famer Edge as the "Rated R Superstar. "

WrestleMania 19's Limp Bizkit Intro

At WrestleMania 19 in 2003, held in Seattle, Chimel was assigned to introduce Limp Bizkit to the audience using a particular phrase.

The introduction, which can be heard at the 13:09 mark on WWE Network/Peacock, goes: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWE's favorite band in the world...Limp Bizkit." During an appearance on Dylan Postl/Hornswoggle's Going Postal podcast, Chimel discussed the worst announcement he had to make during his WWE career.

"By far, the f*cking worst announcement ever by me (was introducing Limp Bizkit at WrestleMania 19)," he said. Chimel recalled being asked to introduce the band and the specific phrase he had to use. "This is at WrestleMania, right?...

In Seattle?... But (Mark) Yeaton, he goes, he's like, 'Chimel, they want you to introduce the band,' and I'm like, 'Okay,' and he's like, 'They want you to say, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome WWE's favorite band in the whole world, Limp Bizkit,' and I'm like, 'What? Who!?...'

So I had to make the announcement, and it sucked. I wouldn't say I liked it... It's not INXS or 'The Who.' Who the f*ck are these guys?" (He laughed) Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit might not have left a lasting impression on Tony Chimel, his account of this awkward moment certainly adds a humorous footnote to WWE history.