WWE Star, 28, Seeks Revenge on Seth Rollins

Omos sets sights on Rollins, aims for revenge.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Star, 28, Seeks Revenge on Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is in for a challenge as he prepares to face fellow WWE Superstar Omos at Backlash 2023 in Puerto Rico. WWE fans were taken aback when it was announced that The Nigerian Giant would face Seth Rollins at the upcoming Backlash 2023 PLE.

The match's booking left many fans puzzled, as there seemed no apparent reason for the two wrestlers to feud. However, a fan on Instagram delved into the history between Omos and The Visionary, revealing that the match was not as random as it seemed.

The fan recounted Rollins crashing Omos' celebration after defeating Matt Riddle last year and stated that the Backlash match is a "revenge match." The Nigerian Giant has been remembered. Omos, the 7'3" WWE Superstar, saw the post and expressed his agreement in a three-word response: "I never forgot." While Omos' primary objective is defeating Seth Rollins, his ultimate goal is much grander.

The Nigerian-American pro wrestler has had a successful career on WWE's main roster and recently faced Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39. Despite a valiant effort, he was unable to defeat The Beast Incarnate. In an interview with Good Karma Wrestling last year, Omos' manager MVP expressed his belief that The Nigerian Giant would eventually win the WWE title: "I want to accomplish one thing in my career: leading The Nigerian Giant to championship gold.

He knows what it is to be a winner. He's been a winner his entire life... The WWE Championship, I would say it's a certainty. We will get there, but it takes work... You have some amazing talents, amazingly talented people."

Focused on Rollins Showdown

Whether Omos will achieve his dream of winning the WWE's top prize remains.

For now, however, his focus is solely on Seth Rollins. Fans eagerly anticipate the matchup, and it will be fascinating to see which wrestler emerges victorious when the dust settles.

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