Debunking WWE-WBD Partnership Rumors


Debunking WWE-WBD Partnership Rumors
Debunking WWE-WBD Partnership Rumors

According to recent rumors of a possible partnership between the two companies, WWE programming may move to Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) networks when their media rights expire in 2024. This would address a massive change in the wrestling scene, particularly considering that WBD is now the home of All First Class Wrestling (AEW).

However, a recent Fightful Select report has dispelled these rumors. According to their sources, WWE has yet to talk to WBD about making such a move. WBD does not appear to be one of the potential partners WWE is reportedly in talks with.

WBD Strengthening AEW Ties

The report likewise features that WBD needs designs to supplant AEW with WWE. A remarkable inverse is valid: WBD purportedly hopes to develop its relationship with AEW, expanding monetary pay and content results.

The forthcoming "AEW Collision" show, which is anticipated to take place on a Saturday and may even result in a brand split for the expanding business, illustrates this expansion. Additionally, additional AEW content might be coming soon.

The statements that AEW President Tony Khan has made about the company's partnership with WBD are in line with these findings. Khan has noted that AEW is "one of the franchises [WBD is] excited about" and has repeatedly emphasized the strong relationship between the two.

In contrast, WWE and the massive MMA organization UFC recently entered a significant business partnership. Endeavor, the parent company of UFC, is in charge of the $21 billion deal that brings WWE and the powerhouse of mixed martial arts together.

The declaration came not long after WrestleMania 39, giving WWE a lift as they approach their forthcoming media freedoms exchanges. Despite the coursing bits of gossip, a WWE-WBD organization is pretty close in the rundown.

WBD, on the other hand, is concentrating on strengthening its connection to AEW, while WWE is looking into other potential applicants for their media rights. WWE's recent merger with Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, suggests that it is not looking for a partnership with a direct competitor like WBD but instead wants to strengthen its position in combat sports.