WWE Newcomer Stuns: Nikki Bella & CJ Perry Hail Untelevised Female Star


WWE Newcomer Stuns: Nikki Bella & CJ Perry Hail Untelevised Female Star
WWE Newcomer Stuns: Nikki Bella & CJ Perry Hail Untelevised Female Star

In professional wrestling, earning respect and recognition from peers can be challenging. However, some individuals manage to do it relatively quickly, like WWE superstar The Miz, who confided in The Undertaker about a locker room problem that led to his eventual entry into the industry.

Despite the initial setback, The Miz went on to win respect for his in-ring talent and mic skills. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a 25-year-old female wrestler, Sydney Zmrzel, who goes by the name Maxxine Dupri in the WWE.

Although she hasn't had a televised match yet, Dupri has several veterans from the WWE swooning over her. Currently working in a managerial capacity, Dupri manages the Maximum Male Models stable. She recently posted a series of photos on Instagram that caught the attention of several people in the pro-wrestling world, including Nikki Bella (now Nikki Garcia) and CJ Perry (known to WWE fans as Lana).

Nikki Bella's WWE Accomplishments.

Nikki Bella, who won the WWE Divas Championship during her 15-year stint with the company and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021 with her sister Brie, reacted with three heart-eye emojis.

CJ Perry kept it simple with a one-word reply: "Gorgeous." Other personalities from the industry, such as Tiffany Stratton, Samantha Irvin, and Kayla Braxton, also had positive reactions. While Dupri's gimmick may seem a little over the top as a fashionista, she's a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

The 25-year-old joined the WWE after getting tired of being let down by men who squandered their chances and prevented her from winning one. She was a cheerleader for the NFL team Los Angeles Rams and the NBA's Phoenix Suns, both of whom lost in the finals.

"I'm sick and tired of my championships being left to men who can't finish the job. That's why I'm here in the WWE; to take my championship into my own hands," Dupri said, according to wwe.com. In addition to her WWE career, Dupri also owns a clothing brand called Jaunty.

Her promotion to the main roster was quicker than most present-day superstars, skipping NXT and joining the WWE directly after her Las Vegas talent tryout in 2021. Despite not having a televised match yet, Dupri has already made an impact in the WWE, winning the hearts of several veterans and personalities from the industry. With her determination and talent, it won't be long before she makes her mark in the ring.

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