Ex-WWE Star Regrets Short NXT Tenure


Ex-WWE Star Regrets Short NXT Tenure
Ex-WWE Star Regrets Short NXT Tenure

Former WWE wrestler Axel Tischer, better known as Alexander Wolfe, recently shared his regrets about not staying in NXT longer during an appearance on Bobby Fish's Undisputed Podcast. As a member of the Sanity faction, Tischer enjoyed a fair amount of success in NXT, including winning the NXT Tag Team Titles.

However, upon moving to the main roster, the group needed consistent booking and a lack of exposure. On the podcast, Tischer reminisced about his time in NXT and the rivalry between Sanity and Fish's Undisputed Era faction.

He expressed his desire to continue the feud, believing they could have had several more months of exciting matches, possibly leading to two or three TakeOver events. Tischer fondly recalled the chemistry between the two factions during six-man tag matches at house shows and out-of-state events.

Premature Call-Up Regretted

Tischer expressed disappointment that Sanity was called up to the main roster without a proper conclusion to their feud with the Undisputed Era. He wishes they could have remained in NXT for at least one more year to properly wrap up their storyline, believing it was cut short by the premature call-up.

Sanity was promoted to the main roster in 2018, and although they engaged in a brief feud with the New Day, they failed to impact SmackDown significantly. Tischer's reflections suggest that an extended stay in NXT might have been more beneficial for the group, given their prior success in the developmental brand.

Tischer's sentiments underscore the potential drawbacks of hastily moving talent from the developmental system to the main roster. Allowing wrestlers ample time to hone their skills, fully develop their characters, and build compelling storylines in NXT can be crucial to their long-term success within WWE's primary shows.

In Sanity's case, a more measured approach to their promotion could have resulted in a significantly more impactful and memorable run on the main roster, possibly leading to more significant opportunities and fan engagement.

It highlights the importance of nurturing talent and ensuring a smooth transition to maximize their potential on the big stage.