Trish Stratus Discusses Forbidden WWE Term


Trish Stratus Discusses Forbidden WWE Term
Trish Stratus Discusses Forbidden WWE Term

Trish Stratus, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, recently took part in an interview in which she was asked what she thought about a particular term banned in WWE. The legendary wrestler admitted that she was unsure of the reason for the ban and gave the impression of being perplexed.

Half a month before WrestleMania, Trish Stratus made her WWE return, uniting with Lita and Becky Lynch to take on the group Harm Control. Stratus and Lynch worked together to defend the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship in the week following WrestleMania.

Despite their defeat, Stratus turned on Lynch and attacked her partner, shocking fans.

Stratus Talks WWE Term Ban

Stratus expressed her desire to have more female wrestlers inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame while appearing on the podcast After The Bell.

Stratus admitted that she wasn't sure why WWE didn't allow the term "wrestler" when she mentioned Victoria as a possible candidate. "I love Tori Wilson and Stacy Keibler, but this is wrestling... I don't know why we don't say wrestling for some reason," Stratus stated.

Because I wrestle and we work for World Wrestling Entertainment, I'm not sure why. However, I want to see a wrestler like Victoria become the next inductee into the Hall of Fame. The seven-time Women's Champion did not rule out the possibility of winning another WWE Championship.

"Pretty high," she confidently replied. The odds are likely high. Do I appear attractive in gold? I do, indeed. Do I portray well? Indeed, I do. Can I do your question-and-answer session? I can, yes." In related news, it has been accounted for that WWE imaginative colleagues have thought about a match between Bianca Belair and Trish Stratus.

Even though there are no plans in motion right now, the fact that the idea has been discussed suggests that important company decision-makers are interested. WWE fans have undoubtedly been excited by the prospect of Trish Stratus returning to the championship hunt.

It remains to be seen whether the veteran will win gold again, consolidating her professional wrestling legacy, which is already impressive.

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