WWE's John Cena Laments Reduced Workload & Higher Pay for Wrestlers


WWE's John Cena Laments Reduced Workload & Higher Pay for Wrestlers
WWE's John Cena Laments Reduced Workload & Higher Pay for Wrestlers

John Cena, once a WWE legend and now a successful Hollywood actor, recently reminisced about his wrestling days and the camaraderie he shared with fellow wrestlers. Despite his challenges, Cena looks back fondly at when wrestlers were paid less and worked more.

With a storied wrestling career and a budding acting career, Cena still holds onto his wrestling roots and is gearing up for a match against Austin Theory. Cena made a name for himself in the wrestling world by going toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names in WWE history, including Dwayne Johnson.

As a result, he became one of the most famous and successful wrestlers of his time. However, Cena's experiences outside the ring were just as memorable, and he wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

John Cena Appreciates Evolution, Misses Old Wrestling Days

"Nowadays, the business has evolved in great ways.

I romanticize about that period because it was just fun, but guys (now) are paid better. Guys are treated better. There's less of a work schedule," Cena said. Although the pay was low and the schedules were packed, the former wrestler enjoyed every moment and remained in awe of his time in the wrestling world.

Cena's reflections on his wrestling career highlight the strong bonds formed between the wrestlers during that time. On-screen feuds were legendary and often lasted for the duration of their careers. However, off-camera, the wrestlers were friends who spent time together after work, enjoying each other's company and forming bonds similar to those in a college fraternity.

John Cena Eager for Return to Ring

Despite moving on to a successful acting career, Cena remains connected to the wrestling world and is excited to step back into the ring against Austin Theory. After Theory issued a challenge with the United States Championship on the line, Cena couldn't refuse the opportunity to return to his roots and take on the young wrestler.

As John Cena looks back on his time in the WWE, he celebrates the evolution of the wrestling industry and the improvements in pay and working conditions for today's wrestlers. Still, he remains nostalgic for the days of packed schedules and intense camaraderie, which shaped his career and allowed him to become the successful actor he is today.

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