Zelina Vega's First Babyface Run & Rey Mysterio Partnership in WWE


Zelina Vega's First Babyface Run & Rey Mysterio Partnership in WWE
Zelina Vega's First Babyface Run & Rey Mysterio Partnership in WWE

Zelina Vega, a familiar face in the WWE world as a manager, has recently taken on the role of a babyface for the first time in her 14-year career. She recently opened up about her experience in an appearance on the podcast "Out of Character." Zelina Vega shared her excitement about her new role, saying, "I've never been a babyface before on TV ever, like in my 14 years of doing this.

So it's very, very cool, very different." Her excitement was particularly heightened by incorporating elements of Rey Mysterio's style into her match with Rhea and Dom, which she described as "really fun." Zelina Vega's Unlikely Babyface Appeal Unlike fellow wrestler Liv Morgan, Zelina Vega admitted that she's different from the type who naturally seeks the audience's cheers.

She explained that Morgan, a natural babyface, genuinely likes people, while Vega herself doesn't. However, she acknowledged that fans might find her likable due to her love for cats and anime. She added, "Plus, you can't hate me when I'm on Rey Mysterio's side, and I know we've had our differences or whatever, but we're good now.

He forgives very easily." The 32-year-old wrestler joined WWE in 2017 and was paired with Andrade "Cien" Almas on "NXT." Their partnership continued on the main roster for several years, during which Andrade secured the WWE United States Championship.

At that time, Andrade and Zelina Vega found themselves opposing Mysterio on "Raw." However, the recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee has moved on from their past differences. Rey Mysterio recently invited Zelina Vega's Legado del Fantasma faction to rebrand itself as the modern-day Latino World Order.

This collaboration is an exciting development for Zelina Vega and Mysterio, and fans are eager to see the two talented wrestlers work together. As Vega continues exploring her new babyface role and partnership with Mysterio, it will be interesting to see how their dynamic evolves and impacts their WWE careers.

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