WWE: 8x Champ's Epic 9-Year Return


WWE: 8x Champ's Epic 9-Year Return
WWE: 8x Champ's Epic 9-Year Return

CM Punk made a surprise appearance backstage at WWE Raw last night, leaving fans excited. This marked his first visit backstage at a WWE event since 2014, and his presence at the Allstate Arena caught many fans off guard. However, reports suggest that the response among the talent was somewhat muted.

Despite the initial astonishment from fans, it appears that CM Punk's return didn't create as much of a stir within the WWE community as one might expect.

CM Punk's Unexpected WWE Raw Visit

As reported, CM Punk made a remarkable appearance backstage at a WWE show for the first time in over nine years, showing up at Raw last night.

PWInsider, the first to break the news, mentioned that Punk had conversations with The Miz and Triple H before being escorted out by security. The report further revealed that Vince McMahon asked for Punk to be removed from the building, primarily due to his association with AEW rather than any long-standing issues between them.

The reason for Punk's presence at Raw remains unknown, but it is said that the former WWE star managed to "clear the air" with a former World Champion during his brief visit.

WWE's Reaction to Punk Backstage

Fans on Twitter were thrilled to learn about CM Punk's backstage presence at Raw, but it seems the WWE had a different reaction.

According to Ringside News, Punk's appearance was met with indifference backstage, and the incident was quickly forgotten after he was asked to leave by security. A seasoned creative team member mentioned, "No one cared about Punk being there." With a sold-out crowd in Chicago, creative changes in progress, a pay-per-view event in 12 days, and fully booked live events, WWE stars seemed to have other priorities.

The question was raised, "To WWE stars, who is CM Punk?" Meanwhile, Raw proved to be a successful show for WWE, featuring Triple H unveiling a stunning new World Heavyweight Championship.