Who is Behind the Success of Bad Bunny in WWE? Hidden Heroes

Bad Bunny to face Damian Priest in WWE Backlash match.

by Atia Mukhtar
Who is Behind the Success of Bad Bunny in WWE? Hidden Heroes

Bad Bunny is known for his success in the music industry and the pro-wrestling world. Although he is a quick learner and a big fan of wrestling, he had some guidance from a group of people who ensured that he was trained appropriately.

In his WWE debut in 2021, Bad Bunny performed his song "Booker T" alongside wrestler Booker T and even won the 24/7 Championship. He later teamed up with Damian Priest, wrestled at WrestleMania, and even participated in the Royal Rumble in 2022.

To prepare for his first match at WrestleMania 37, Bad Bunny was trained by Adam Pearce, Norman Smiley (also known as Coach Smiley), and Drew Gulak. In 2023, he began training under the guidance of Jamie Noble and former tag team partner Damian Priest.

Interestingly, despite their past, Damian Priest is now training Bad Bunny. However, tensions have risen between them in recent weeks. Bad Bunny interfered during Dominik Mysterio's match at WrestleMania 39, causing Rey Mysterio to win.

The next night on RAW, Priest attacked the rapper, resulting in an "injury." This week on WWE RAW, Bad Bunny was confirmed to face Priest in a one-on-one San Juan Street Fight match on May 6 for Backlash, which will take place in Puerto Rico.

How Did Adam Pearce Train Bad Bunny for His First WWE Match?

Despite not coming from an athletic background, Bad Bunny was not given any special treatment when he trained for his first WWE match. Adam Pearce, one of his trainers, revealed that he handled the rapper the same way he would any other newcomer to the Performance Center.

During an interview with Digital Spy's Stephanie Chase, Pearce explained that whether a trainee has prior experience is not a factor in his training methods. He emphasized that he always tries to assess their athletic ability and passion before diving into the specifics of what they do.

Pearce said that he approached training Bad Bunny the way he would any other newcomer. He assessed the rapper's abilities and passion for the sport before delving into the intricacies of wrestling. Fortunately, Bad Bunny was passionate about wrestling and was eager to learn.

Bad Bunny received the same level of training as any other newcomer to the Performance Center, with Adam Pearce emphasizing that assessing a trainee's passion and abilities is critical to their success in the sport.

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