B2 Recalls WWE Finale with John Cena


B2 Recalls WWE Finale with John Cena
B2 Recalls WWE Finale with John Cena

Throughout his six-year tenure with WWE, Bull Buchanan proved his adaptability as he explored various wrestling gimmicks. Starting as a severe tag team wrestler in The Truth Commission, Buchanan transitioned into the on-screen protégé of The Big Boss Man, followed by a stint in the ultra-conservative stable, Right to Censor.

Post-Right to Censor, Buchanan returned to WWE's developmental system to refine his skills and potentially discover a new character. In August 2002, he resurfaced on WWE television with a string of matches that seemed directionless until the November 21, 2002 episode of "WWE SmackDown." Buchanan, now known as B-2, aligned himself with the freestyle-rapping, brash superstar John Cena.

Buchanan recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast, discussing his chameleonic career and ability to embrace various gimmicks. "You've got to be able to adapt because sometimes things don't work," he shared.

Buchanan also reminisced about his B-2 days and working with Cena. He appreciated the opportunity to show a different side of his personality, stating, "For me, it was something new." As B-2, Buchanan added a touch of humor by finishing Cena's freestyles with a "Boo-yah!" He enjoyed playing the "comedy sidekick guy" to Cena, though he doesn't remember the origin of his "Boo-yah!" catchphrase.

Cena-Buchanan Alliance Cut Short

The Cena-Buchanan partnership was short-lived, as Cena blamed B-2 for a loss in January 2003 and attacked him. Buchanan's WWE contract ended on January 26, 2003. Reflecting on the breakup, Buchanan expressed surprise and believed the storyline could have continued: "I figured they had nothing else for me, and this might be drawing to an end.

I thought John and I had a good thing going. John didn't need me; he was about to blow up anyway. But we could have milked it [the storyline] a little more." Bull Buchanan's WWE journey showcased his talent for adapting to various roles, and his time as B-2 offered a unique and memorable chapter in his career.

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